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Wenhui Ge, one of the seven major libraries in China, was built in 1780 and was once a monument in the history of Chinese book collection. In 1854, Wenhui Ge and the Complete Library in Four Treasures were destroyed in the war. On April 19, 2023, the reconstruction of Wenhui Ge was completed and officially opened. After 169 years, Wenhui Ge reappeared. At the same time, a set of replicas of the Complete Library in Four Treasures, which took 10 years to complete, was also moved into Wenhui Ge as a whole, recreating the "book pavilion in one" scene. Wenhui Ge has winding paths, is simple and elegant, surrounded by water systems, five pavilions and one corridor, dividing the entire garden into the south "water garden" and the north "mountain courtyard", recreating the grand scene of the year, and is known as a new landmark of Yangzhou culture.

Address: No.1 Beimenwai Street