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Shi Kefa Memorial Hall

/Shi Kefa Memorial Hall/

The Shi Kefa Memorial Hall is a famous historical site dedicated to commemorating the heroes of the late Ming and Qing dynasties, Shikefa. Inside the museum, there are Shikefa's dried lacquer ramie seated statue, multiple Shikefa manuscripts, and other precious cultural relics. It is a holy place where one can appreciate Shikefa's spirit of loyalty, such as counting the tears of the fallen plum blossoms and revealing the hearts of the deceased officials, and appreciate the ancient ginkgo feast.It is a holy place to appreciate Shi Gong's spirit of loyalty, "The fallen plum blossom petals are like the blood and tears left by the fallen nation, and the heart of the old ministers of the Ming Dynasty is like the waning moon", and to enjoy the feast of ancient ginkgo trees.

Address: No. 24 Guangchu Wai Street